Complete suppression of ring artifacts in Coolpix cameras

H. O. Baral, Nov. 04



Many owners of Coolpix cameras have observed artifacts (ring structures) in their pics when making micrographs at the light microscope through a 10x eyepiece, mainly when using 40x and 100x objectives. Especially Coolpix 4500 produces very strong artifacts (rosettes) when using a medium zoom position, but the strength of these artifacts obviously varies strongly among different series of 4500. With a 4500 which produces very strong artifacts, a method was found to completely avoid these artifacts, mainly by using the minimum zoom position. The following list summarizes the method for Coolpix 4500:

With this method it is possible to completely avoid ring artifacts and resolve details of about 0.1-0.3 micrometers diam.

Please have a look at my detailed report (in German, with images).