Helotiales with a macroscopical similarity with Orbilia


Quite a large number of species of Helotiales (Leotiomycetes) can be confused with Orbiliomycetes if only macroscopically studied. Especially members of the Naevioideae deceive workers who wish to collect Orbilia species in the field. True Orbiliomycetes are readily recognized microscopically by the presence of KOH-soluble spore bodies (SBs) in the ascospores, bifurcate ascus bases with a flexuous stalk (Orbilia), truncate ascus apices (subgenus Orbilia) and other features. Helotiales have often an amyloid ascus apex, but this is not the case in the four here shown examples.


Naeviopsis sp.

Laetinaevia uvidula

Calloria sp.


Calloriopsis sp.