Project: German GBIF-Node for Mycology

Developing the infrastructure of the German GBIF Node for Mycology

The German GBIF Node for Mycology will serve as a center for mycological and lichenological biodiversity data in Germany. The node project coordinates the activities of the eleven partner projects actually established under this umbrella. It gives technical as well as scientific advice to the single projects and will build up an infrastructure that allows a long time run of the GBIF node at the Botanische Staatssammlung. It is organizing workshops and administrating server systems. In cooperation with the Diversity Workbench project the node project is developing tools for data transformation, special tools for the data transfer in the context of the German GBIF network and web-interfaces. A bilingual Internet portal is designed. The shared access to locally independent databases of common architecture (Diversity Workbench modules) and therewith the connecting of dispersed database contents with mycological data will be realized with an extension of the JAVA client DiversityNavigator® by special views. In cooperation with the partner projects a summarizing data evaluation and analysis is planned.

Project management

Dr. Dagmar Triebel
Botanische Staatssammlung München
Menzinger Straße 67
D-80638 München


Wiltrud Spiesberger
Christine Stadtkus
Dr. Markus Weiss