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Russula laccata Sticta canariensis Astraeus hygrometricus Lobaria pulmonaria
Russula laccata Sticta canariensis Astraeus hygrometricus Lobaria pulmonaria

Web Clients and Databases

  • A number of GBIF-D Mycology Services with online search functions were optimised between 2002 and 2006. They are continuously upgraded with regard to their engineering and content.

Projects 2002–2006

IT Projects

  • German GBIF-Node for Mycology – Developing the infrastructure of the German GBIF Node for Mycology
  • Diversity Workbench – Design and optimization of the node specific database infrastructure (Diversity Workbench-components and compatible modules)

Data Projects

Myxomycota (Slime moulds)

Eumycota non lichenized (Higher fungi)

  • Data Collection of H. & H. Doppelbaur – Expansion of the GLOPP information system through integration of the data collection of H. & H. Doppelbaur
  • Information System DEEMY – Structural optimization and web-connection of DEEMY, an information system for DEtermination and characterisation of EctoMYcorrhizae
  • Images of Fungi at TUB – A web-based database for fungal illustrations, kept at the University of Tübingen
  • The Fungal Collection at GLM – Complete electronic database coverage of the mycological collections in the herbarium Görlitz (GLM) and presentation of the data on the Internet

Eumycota lichenized (Lichens)

Networking 2002–2006

Organigram GBIF-Mycology Infrastructure of the GBIF Node Checklist Myxomycota GLOPP DEEMY LIAS Search Maps Herbarium München Image collection Tübingen Herbarium Görlitz Herbarium Berlin Diversity Workbench

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