Project: Information System LIAS

Structural optimization of the global information system LIAS by establishing a LIAS Names server and expanding the Descriptors Workbench

The main purpose of the project is to optimize LIAS, the global information system on lichenized and non-lichenized ascomycetes. Two work packages are included: The structure of the hitherto locally curated LIAS names database is reorganized and the content is expanded. It is set online with the web client LIAS names to provide lichen names and information on classification to other web-based applications. The database especially supports the lichen projects within the German GBIF Node for Mycology and facilitate access to LIAS content data in the context of the EU project Species 2000 europa. On the other hand, the LIAS Descriptors Workbench will be extended and structurally optimized. The descriptors (characters) will be restructured and implemented in the Diversity Workbench module DiversityCharacterDocumentation.

Lasallia papulosa Letharia columbiana
Lasallia papulosa Letharia columbiana

Project management

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rambold
Universität Bayreuth
Abt. Mykologie
Universitätsstraße 30 - NW I
D-95440 Bayreuth


Dr. Frank Bungartz (research assistant)
Derek Peršoh (research assistant)