Selected Publications and Resources – Posters

Posters 2005

  • LIAS – A Global Species Database for Lichens (pdf)
  • The German GBIF Node for Mycology (pdf)

Posters 2004

  • Node specific IT architecture, Data Interoperability and Project Management (pdf)
  • Digitalization of Fungal Specimen Data in the Context of the GBIF-D Mycology Node (pdf)
  • DEEMY & LIAS – Two Online Information Systems for the Storage of Descriptive Mycological Data (pdf)
  • Combining National and International Efforts to Establish a Global List of Lichen Names (pdf)
  • Online Bibliography of Lichen Distribution Maps (pdf)
  • The Myxomycete Project – International Cooperation for Data Supply to GBIF (pdf)
  • Online illustrations provide insight into fungal ultrastructure (pdf)

Posters 2003

  • Establishing the German GBIF Node for Mycology (pdf)
  • The Diversity Workbench Modules within the Framework of the GBIF-D Node for Mycology (pdf)
  • DEEMY – An Information System for Determination and Characterisation of Ectomycorrhizae (pdf)
  • A Web-based Database of Fungal Illustrations (pdf)
  • Databasing and Web-connection of the Mycological Collections in the Herbarium Görlitz (pdf)
  • Structural Optimization of the Global Information System LIAS (pdf)